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RE: EBailey Fitness on wolfcalling.

On the one hand Erin Bailey is totally correct. I not only commend her for all her hard work, I also respect her for inspiring others to get out there as well. Fitness life isn’t an easy one, it takes determination and continual hard work. However, no matter how hard we work it does not make us better than anyone else. We cannot shift the behavior of others, we can only influence our own.
Personally, I don’t even talk to girls at the gym, and I try my hardest not to look. I just focus on what I’m doing and mind my own business. I see how dudes are around girls at the gym and it IS repulsive. They don’t have saying like “men are pigs” or “men are dogs” for no reason. This is not something new. That being said, knowing how men are kinda lets you know that you could take preventative measures to not attract the particularly aggressive or less-intelligent men who are the ones who will try to talk to you while you have headphones in or in the middle of a set or yell across the street to you.
I have a friend who undoubtedly works out harder than most people I know. She is an ultra-runner, meaning doing runs up and down mountains that are longer than marathons on a more than regular basis. The training for this is intensive with a mix of running, biking and weight-lifting. When she works out, she wears black lulu lemon yoga pants that are thicker than your average girls yoga pants, and are designed for working out. She wears black tanktops and often a light looser fitting tank-top on top of that. She is not encumbered by this outfit, it doesn’t slow down her workout in the slightest and the best part is she goes slightly more unnoticed during her sessions (a touch of bitch-face doesn’t hurt either).
I personally spent a stint of time in close-confines with a lot of men against my free will (prison). Working out was my only stress reliever so I did it 6 days a week with great vigor. I was in the best shape of my life at 33, and surrounded by men who were more charged up than your average guy in the gym. Because I didn’t want to be looked at or thought of inappropriately by anyone I wore sweatpants when I worked out, especially when my legs were up during abs etc. YEAH, it was hot! Yeah I sweat through them daily. It was gross. But because I wanted to work out, I pushed though it.
To say that you need to wear these little shorts and sports bras to work out is . . . kinda bullshit. I hate to be harsh, but no one has to wear that stuff. I cant imagine going for a run in those little butt strangling shorts that girls wear these days. The thigh chafe would be unimaginable! I remember one day at the gym when I was running, minding my own business on the treadmill, lost in my mind and focused intently on the wall 50 yards away. Some young lady who was always in the gym and very fit walked by in my peripheral vision and caught my eye. I was actually irritated because she broke my concentration. As a human being who appreciates the beautiful form of a woman, it was hard not to look. I didn’t fall off the treadmill or start drooling or shouting HEY YO GIRL, but I was momentarily distracted. I got back in my head and continued on running, but I found myself thinking “I hope that girl goes and sits her sweet little butt-cheeks in a puddle of sweat on a work bench and gets MRSA on her ass…that’ll teach her”. Because if it is offensive to you that men come calling after you and trying to talk to you because of how attractive you are, it is offensive to me that you walk around flaunting all that attractiveness while I’m trying to do the ONE THING that eases my mind and stresses of everyday life. That distraction is invasive. Hot pink pants and a sports bra does NOT say “dont look at me” it draws the eye, and changes ones focus.
While I am by no means saying that Erin is incorrect that men should not be such pigs, I DO think that you can make small efforts to reduce the attention you get. If someone I worked out with wore those kinds of clothes I would insist that they change, or not workout with me. It’s not a fashion show, we’re in the gym with a purpose – to build/maintain better bodies and a healthy mind. If you’re going there to hunt for a new significant other then by all means, get out your booty shorts, your sports bra and go do squats and hip thrusts all night in the weight pit. Someone will surely offer to assist you on your form. You are not going to change all of the male species on a cellular level by complaining about it.  Get over it and put some clothes on and keep doing what you do. 



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