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Teach McNeil, BMW Sponsored Stunt Extraordinaire!

Adam Frantz – New Jersey

Chris Teach McNeil started out riding in New Hampshire with Core6 and crew. They put out a few videos, all of which wore out in our dvd players – and they rode the summer nationals in Worcester every year, killing it in the tunnels. I saw teach practicing one morning with Tony D, just the two of them, early in the morning and the two of them started having a little imprompteau game of horse. I sat there for an hour or so and watched run after run of flawless 180 endos and circle wheelies in the tight tunnel of Worcester, I knew that I was watching some of the very best riding in all of our country at that moment in time. If you’ve watched Teach ride, you know what I’m talking about. Wide open throttle is his credo and the fast paced stunts he puts down are so exciting to watch. He effortlessly performs all his stunts and puts together an amazing routine thanks to his drive and determination to excel at what he does.
When I heard about the BMW S1000RR, I was excited for more than just the obvious reasons. BMW sponsoring Teach was awesome, and everyone was glad to see them working together…but taking him off the I4 motors and putting him on the F800 put a bit of a damper in his WOT riding style. Seeing him back on an inline 4 motor has brought back the very exciting element to his aggressive riding style that was sorely missed by many.

I recently had the chance to check out his 2016 S1000RR which was undergoing some modifications by Gregg’s Customs in NH – adding a double rear caliper bracket for his hand brake. I can’t wait to see Teach out there ripping it up on that bike. That much power at the rear wheel really makes for an exciting show! Check him out if he comes to your town, BMW has him travelling all over for major motorcycle events so he very well may end up in your neck of the woods. I think he just got back from Sturgis a week or so ago. Check him out at


Photos & Text by Adam Frantz

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