Adam Fucking Frantz

Letter #5: September 3rd, 2012

Damn. Life has changed a lot since ‘Riot Lunch.’ Two months later now and I’m two jails away from where I was. The legendary Brooklyn Detention Center turned out to be more livable than the stories that preceded it. There were no cat size rats, the C.O.’s didn’t berate me with anti-white slurs and I never had to walk through an underground dirt floored, rat filled tunnel (though I was told that really exists). The food was honestly the best food I’d eaten in over 6 months. Thank you baby Jesus – the rumor about food in the B.O.P. (Bureau of Prisons) being actually food and often times well prepared was true! I met a number of interesting people along the way and landed in a place that literally answered my prayers.

Constantly I had been wishing for reprieve from the endless barrage of noise inflicted on my thoughts and senses, and to have access to the outdoors as I had no window to even see outside before, let alone the ability to go out… from my concrete confines into the natural world. now here I am in Waymart, PA at Canaan Prison’s camp facility with a different breed and mixture of prisoners who don’t (all) yell to talk and the ability to LITERALLY step outside – no C.O.’s, no handcuffs, and breathe fresh air as I watch the wind move clouds across the sky and set the treetops in motion. Honestly, I feel blessed. Yes, of course I am still a prisoner of the B.O.P., but I can feel a connection to the real world again.

Also, I am finally allowed to have contact visits! No more T.V. style payphones and windows separating me from my loved ones. I can literally hug and kiss my family then sit down and talk with them and hold hands a little throughout the visit. Truly a beautiful thing. Having SO much taken away from you will really change your perspective on life. It’s not the things that the money provided that I miss, because I don’t, it’s my family, my friends and the simple pleasures of life, like being able to enjoy nature. I can’t stress enough for everyone to assess the things you value and to appreciate what you have. Life is good. Don’t give yours up!

Keep The Fight Alive

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  • Charles Gale:

    Hang in there buddy. Glad your making the best of it.

  • Dan Lotzkar ...Danny Chaos:

    I am glad to hear that things are at least tolerable where you are.
    Definitely happy to hear that you are allowed time outside. Keep your head up man,and keep posting. Ya got a lot of people waiting on your return,so these posts are a breath of fresh air for us while you are away.

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