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Letter #9 – December 15th, 2012

I just watched this years Discovery Channel “Chopper Buildoff” with Both Teutles, Jr and Sr, Gas Monkey garage and Jesse James. 4 bikes, 4 teams…and saw something that was pretty mindblowing. Not only had Jesse James built a Streetfighter…aside from the engine, but Paul Sr. did as well!? What in the hell? Am I losing my mind in prison? Was this a hallucination? I think not. I didn’t see the whole show and didn’t get any specs of the bikes between the ads for the “final episode of Orange County Choppers” and “Amish Mafia” (hahaha wtf?! – side note, what is becoming of the world). But from what I saw Sr’s bike had sportbike geometry and fighter riding position. Upright bars. Short kicked out tail. Swingarm looked almost like an Aprilia’s. Girder front end with . . . 3 shocks in it (looked a little wide to me). What I’m saying is, I think either hell has frozen over or Discovery channel has recognized what’s hot in the bike world now…my guess is the latter, and they told Senior to build that. Jesse James bike looked damn nice too (had my vote). Machined swinger, nice USD’s. The forks had LED lights down the front of them in place of a headlight! His bike may have been a cross of cafe and fighter judging by the body work, BUT this says something to me.

Streetfighters are gaining ground and recognition. Now that Jesse James is in the game, there is only one thing that needs to happen. A Streetfighter build off between Jesse James, and our underdog Roman Levin of FOH Cycle Fab. They love a story of a guy coming out of his home garage and prospering. And I love the story of David vs Goliath, so lets see the “unknown” take on the world famous and cause a major upset.

C’mon Discovery Channel, make it happen. Look him up – – Roman Levin, owner, operator, fabricator, engineer, body man, painter, you name it he does it.

I put all my duckets on Roman!

AFF out!
Keep the Fight Alive

2 Responses to “Letter #9 – December 15th, 2012”

  • Crow:

    Yeah ! Pleased to see what CF hath wrought. Not that fighters are mainstream; choppers aren’t either. But they are admired, understood and duplicated (sort of) by shops and builders everywhere. Is that where streetfighters are headed? Not as long as there are guys like Roman who can imagine, fabricate & paint like a god.

    My money’s on Roman as well.

  • Dave Seal (Spazpunk):

    Hope you are still doing well brother. Stay strong.

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