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Letter #11 – July 13th, 2013 : “Fighter Fest”

Honestly, for the most part I don’t pay a lot of attention to the world’s special occasions when I’m in prison. Holidays, birthdays, week-ends, week-days…it’s all the same to me until the day I leave. BUT there are a few choice occasions I tick off on the old mental calendar…and every Summer means that it’s time for another FIGHTER FEST! Shit, there’s even a Fighter Fest UK this year that I’m missing as well. Fookin’ell!

I was present for the first four FF’s and truly this is a weekend that I miss. I tried to sit down and write about it last year, but got agitated and threw it in the trash. WAH, poor me.

FF is special because it’s not your average bike show, it’s not just you and your buddies showing up on Fighters amidst a sea of fairings and cruiserinos with everyone asking where your fairings are. It’s an opportunity to hang with like-minded people, to ogle their bikes, pick their brains, hash out ideas, and have a good fucking time while your at it. You MIGHT even get a chance to swap bikes and try out someone else’s baby, I was given the opportunity to flog a number of very nice fighters that I never would have even seen were it not for FF.

My favorite part of FF, by far, is riding in a pack with all my fellow-fighterers. The feeling of all the bikes rumbling down the road together, rear tires spewing thick white smoke, front tires lofting in the air, devouring corners in a rapid succession. As I looked around and in my rearview at the very mad-max looking pack of bikes, I had the biggest smile of the year under that helmet by far!

There have been SO MANY memorable experiences of hanging with amazing people, seeing amazing bikes, participating in belligerent partying and unabashed laughing with the fellow Hoons. If you’ve not been, I seriously suggest you make the trip. If you think it might be too far, take a page from history of our mate Dave who quit his job, left his girl and flew to the ‘States from ENGLAND, then bought a bike and rode to FF. Yes, it is THAT good of a time.

Unfortunately since there most likely won’t be magazine coverage of the event, I will not see any of the pics of the events. So if you are going, and taking pics, please keep me in mind and print double copies. You can put 25 in each envelope you mail to me, just write “Approved per BOP policy” on the outside of the envelope. Nudity won’t make it through though hahah.
I would MUCH APPRECIATE it if I do receive some pics, and there are never TOO MANY. I think some of you may recall I was the reigning king of posting the :ttiwwop: emoticon in EVERY thread!

Mailing addy is:

Adam Frantz
PO Box 1000
FCI Morgantown
Morgantown, WV 26507

I greatly look forward to some pics of you all having an awesome time there. Light one up for me! (a tire fellas )
Keep the Fight Alive!

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