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Letter #14 – February 22nd, 2014

Here goes…
I may be in prison and totally removed from the free world… Okay, I AM in prison and totally removed from the free world, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s going on out there in freedom-land.
I know, for instance, that the factories are all looking seriously at the Naked Sportbike market. Kawasaki’s new Z1000, Yamaha’s FZ09, the KTM 1290 SuperDuke and BMW’s S1000R are all great machines, surpassing the stripped and detuned fare we usually get. I also know that EBR is producing its own model for public consumption, free of HD, but with all of their usual outside-the-box innovation. And I hear that a naked version is in the works for that model – Thank you Erik!
I DAMN sure know that my fighter brethren and I are all having a hard time trying to find a quality motorcycle publication for gear heads of the two-wheeled variety.
Last year was hard on us all, losing Streetfighters and Street Monsters Magazines – Rest in Peace to my friend Antoine Collignon. Now I find myself searching for bike mags with actual fabrication explored in their features, which is hard, especially when looking for the sportbike variety. Where has all the good moto-porn gone?!
Well, here: When seeking porn (of any variety) theses days all we have to do is turn to the interwebz! I spoke with Dave Manning, formerly of Streetfighter Mag, about this dilemma and what we can do to remedy the situation. He mentioned an upcoming project. Some of you may be familiar with Janne Uskali, of Bomber Magazine in Finland. They’ve been putting out a serious motorcycle porno publication for a number of years now, but have decided it’s time to get bigger than just Finland. Embracing technology and functionality Janne is taking Bomber digital!
This should interest all of you for a number of reasons. First and foremost, for those of us who only speak English, now you’ll be able to read the features about all the nutter bikes in Bomber instead of just looking at pictures. Secondly, with an online magazine, there are a number of features available that you just can’t get with print: videos, links to further content, expandable pictures and a much cheaper price than a print magazine. With over 140 pages of content now available at the site,, you can currently go over and check out the first edition for FREE. Give it a lookover and see what you think. I’m sure you’ll be pleased with all the crazy, functionally built, performance-minded machines on these pages. If you like it, for 10 Euros (about $14 USD) you’ll be subscribed for the next four issues due out this year! I know, I know, the internet is land of the free, but hey would you rather support your scene with a couple dollars a year or see people like Mr.Manning and myself breaking down our bikes to sell bit by bit and begging for change just to survive?
Thanks to the fabulous level of technology these days you can even take it to the shitter, should you have a tablet device…  We are not responsible if you drop it in the bowl due to the astounding content however! Enjoy.
Keep the Fight Alive,

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