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Letter #16 – May 15th, 2014

guess about a year ago now I had asked for fighterers who were going to FF13 in Carlisle to take pics of the event to share with me. Due to an, uh…unforeseen circumstance, I was sent on a six-month tour of the system and missed out on lots of mail, among other things. Once I got back, my buddy Joe was cool enough to say “Hey man, I still have pics for you if you want them.” Considering that FF is one of my favorite events every year, OF COURSE I wanted them!

I guess I don’t remember how much it costs to print up pics, but I know it isn’t free. I also know that mailing pics costs a few bucks as well. So when I received 16 envelopes with 25 pictures in each, I was super-psyched! Not only was Joe awesome enough to mail all of that out for me, he did it TWICE! The first time he sent them, I forgot to tell him that you have to write ‘approved content per BOP policy’ on the outside of the envelopes, so they got returned. Ugh. Big whoop right? That’s protocol my friends, and in prison we have to follow that. SO, with a 2nd attempt, they finally came through, properly labeled, and made my whole fucking week! I was reminiscing, thinking about all the prior FF’s I’d been to, looking at people’s bikes and seeing how they were coming along, looking at new creations and sharing it all with my fellow felons in here.

You have no idea how much we love getting pictures from the real world in here. The people we love, the places we went, things we like to do … anything and everything. Anything that isn’t prison really reminds us what there is out there for us. That we had a life and have a life to return to. So Joe, and fellow fighterers who kicked in some dough for the bundle of pics and postage, Thank you very much! I really appreciated it.

And in regard to the pics, I made note of a few things. First off, Wolfman: you are a crazy bastard! lol. It’s about damn time something was shaved out of your natural wolf hide…but Holy Shit! A hair-kini top?! OMFG. Hilarious. Epic. Disgusting. But man, you rocked it! lolol. Looks like a good time was had at the hotel as well. For christ’s sake, I got a pic of some hefty old’ish woman lifting her shirt (not very high) to expose her (thankfully) bra-covered breastesses! Why do I think Wolfie had a hand in that as well? HAH. Always the instigator that man is.

Lots of 50 action as always, I see. I showed my bunky the pic of BBR-Jesse riding his 50, which surprised him that such a little bike could haul such a big feller. Then I told him about how Jesse and I were BOTH riding around on that same bike together for a good while a couple of years ago. Hahaha. Not sure if he believed me or not lol. Oh well. I was there, it was hilarious!

I was definitely taking a trip down memory lane from these pics. All the fun I had with all the cool people. The cool bikes, the goonery, the people who came from across the freaking country etc. So much fun. Can’t wait to do it all again with everyone. I know FF is coming up pretty soon for you guys again, but it won’t be at the Carlisle fairgrounds anymore; it sounded like possibly at Karn’s?? I haven’t heard for sure what’s going on, regardless … if anyone’s going with a camera, don’t forget about your homey in prison please!
Oh … and any thoughts about MA for FF15?? I’ll be there!:metal:

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