Adam Fucking Frantz

Letter #18 – September 3rd, 2014

I am here, in this land sans history. Our lineage and heritage all thousands of miles away. So far that I say miles instead of kilometers. My ancestors weren’t born here and I don’t know where they were born honestly. I’m told I’m German and Irish, though I only “know” that because it’s what I’ve been told my whole life.
We have no family traditions, no handed down recipes, no heirlooms from generation to generation traceable through time. I’ve heard stories three generations back of my Grandmother’s father but I know little. I don’t even know when we came to this country. 
Never had these facts been so glaringly apparent to me before I came to prison. Reading books about and speaking with people about heritage. Contrasting to society, most of my friends in here are not white. African-Americans, Arabs, Mexicans, Jamaicans, Puerto Ricans, all of them talking to me about their ways-of-life. Their customs. Their traditions. Their mother’s cooking. Their family get togethers. Their trips back “HOME”, as they refer to their land of ancestry. This land is not their land. Even if they were born here they feel that home is somewhere else.
Americans are too self absorbed to be involved with their heritage. We have the American Dream to pursue. We have possessions to accumulate. Debt to incur. Illusions of grandeur to display. Our life. Our job. Our house. Car. Boat. Kids. Dog. Toys and new technologies. We have no time for others. This is the birth place of the pursuit of individual happiness, though most pursue things that will not make them happy. They pursue an image of happiness. The LOOK of not having a care in the world. The look of being secure. As if everything is alright. Turning a Lazy eye to the things going on in the country that matter. Perpetuating problems they wish didn’t exist by pretending they don’t. The pursuit of happiness isn’t the American Dream anymore my friends, it is the pursuit of ignorance. Floating through life in a silver lined cloud of prescribed anti-depressants, living vicariously through some exorbitantly rich and retarded person on television while our body is stuck in the muck and mire we wish not to see.
Open your eyes. Step away from the mentally implanted dreams and look at what goes on around you. Look where your life is headed. Learn something new today. Talk to your elders for god’s sakes!

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