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Letter #1: May 11th, 2012

Today is May 11th, two days before Mother’s Day and my parents 40th Wedding anniversary.  Just two of many special occasions I will miss spending with loved ones over the next few years.  For those of you who don’t know – I am in a Federal jail for a marijuana distribution case.  It’s been 3 months now with a currently undetermined number of months remaining as I await sentencing.  I will not discuss the details of my case or bitch about my situation.  I put myself into this mess and I DO not want to glorify the wrongs I have done.  What I DO want to do with this space is:

  1. Keep people informed of my situation & well-being.
  2. Shed some light on the realities of what happens when you choose to ignore the laws & participate in illicit activities.

I’m sure as well you may read some tales from jail and possibly preaching about what life is all about.  I may even post some of my creative writings or drawings that help me to pass the time.

I have reached a lot of personal realizations over the past year.  I hurt a lot of people that were very important to me.  I hurt my developing career as a journalist and had to sell the company built from the ground up by a friend and I.  I let down a lot of people with my selfish & arrogant actions, and am not left flapping in the breeze while life passes me by in an 8 x 12′ concrete & steel jail cell.

I cannot stress enough for people to appreciate what they have and not take even little things for granted.  Life is too short to not appreciate its beauty.

Anyway, keep an eye on this site for updates.  I’ll try to submit something on a semi-regular basis, whether it’s a thought, an interesting story, a rant or maybe a topic of discussion.  I could sure tell you about some… “interesting” people I’ve been meeting.

If you want to write me or directly reply to something I’ve posted, send a letter to my current address (subject to change, but I will udpate):

Adam Frantz
K. Pad #12
950 High St.
Central Falls, RI

Please be sure to put your complete return name & address or I will not receive the letter.  Nothing can be sent besides letters and pictures, so don’t bother trying – they WILL take it!  I even had a letter from my four year old niece confiscated (not given to me) because she put “too many” stickers on the letter.

If you want to donate to my commissary fund to help feed me and pay for my writing supplies, send money via PayPal to and it will be uploaded for me.

I’m sure people have questions, and the most popular one seems to be; “What is it like in jail and what do you do all day?” So, I’ll write up a day in the life of an inmate to give you guys some insight to my daily routine for my next post.

Keep the fight alive!