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Letter #12 – July 13th, 2013 : Product of Petrol

Most of my very earliest memories involve cars or motorcycles in one form or another. I can’t say if my father intended to raise me as a gearhead or if it just occurred naturally, but the things that stick out most to me from my childhood revolve around petrol burning machinery. As just a little guy in the early 80’s I remember wearing my little cowboy boots, my sparkling gold three-quarter helmet, and my kid-size aviator sunglasses. I was so small that Pops would sit me in front of him and hold me with his legs as I leaned on the gas tank. I’m sure that’s not legal nowadays and he’d be chastised for that, but the world wasn’t so full of pussies back then. We would go for rides out in the South Dakota plains, golden wheat colored rolling hills full of rattle snakes and prairie dogs passing on either side. We’d pass pick-up trucks and dilapidated farms and blue-tongued buffalos. If I was lucky we’d stop at a big old rustic country store and dad would buy my a licorice rope and a pop. I was almost always lucky though because I think that was just part of the trip. Read the rest of this entry »

Letter #11 – July 13th, 2013 : “Fighter Fest”

Honestly, for the most part I don’t pay a lot of attention to the world’s special occasions when I’m in prison. Holidays, birthdays, week-ends, week-days…it’s all the same to me until the day I leave. BUT there are a few choice occasions I tick off on the old mental calendar…and every Summer means that it’s time for another FIGHTER FEST! Shit, there’s even a Fighter Fest UK this year that I’m missing as well. Fookin’ell!

I was present for the first four FF’s and truly this is a weekend that I miss. I tried to sit down and write about it last year, but got agitated and threw it in the trash. WAH, poor me. Read the rest of this entry »