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Letter #16 – May 15th, 2014

guess about a year ago now I had asked for fighterers who were going to FF13 in Carlisle to take pics of the event to share with me. Due to an, uh…unforeseen circumstance, I was sent on a six-month tour of the system and missed out on lots of mail, among other things. Once I got back, my buddy Joe was cool enough to say “Hey man, I still have pics for you if you want them.” Considering that FF is one of my favorite events every year, OF COURSE I wanted them!

I guess I don’t remember how much it costs to print up pics, but I know it isn’t free. I also know that mailing pics costs a few bucks as well. So when I received 16 envelopes with 25 pictures in each, I was super-psyched! Not only was Joe awesome enough to mail all of that out for me, he did it TWICE! The first time he sent them, I forgot to tell him that you have to write ‘approved content per BOP policy’ on the outside of the envelopes, so they got returned. Ugh. Big whoop right? That’s protocol my friends, and in prison we have to follow that. SO, with a 2nd attempt, they finally came through, properly labeled, and made my whole fucking week! I was reminiscing, thinking about all the prior FF’s I’d been to, looking at people’s bikes and seeing how they were coming along, looking at new creations and sharing it all with my fellow felons in here. Read the rest of this entry »

Letter #15 – May 14th, 2014

I’ve received a few letters containing encouraging words to kick me in my ass and get me writing again. I KNOW, it’s been way too long. Well, I’m still here…in prison. It still sucks. Nothing new there. BUT, I am closer to being out than the last time you heard from me. Everyday I’m closer.

Prison is a weird fucking place. The wide array of people you come across creates such a spectrum of different backgrounds and areas of…expertise. Though, of course, we have our common grounds as well: Pretty much every dude in here is a greedy, selfish cheater. Different levels of course, but there is definitely some commonality there. I, of course, fall–or fell–under those categories as well. Some of us are making amends and trying to change;. Others… well, that’s what they know.
Everyone also seems to want nothing more than to be with their families, even though they could hardly make time for them prior to incarceration. ‘Never know what you’ve got until it’s gone’ type of thing. While we all sit and wait to go home to our loved ones, we just try to pass the time. Working out, group sports, reading or studying something, watching TV, or my favorite, laughing.

Inmates have an uncanny ability to light-heartedly make fun of each other, in every way possible. From your physical appearance, things you say or do, stuff they notice about you. And EVERYTHING gets noticed. Trust me 1,000+ ex-cons see what goes on around them all day. You are NOT getting away with anything. It is surprising how often we are falling on each other laughing our asses off–sober, mind you.

People have asked me many times how I stay so positive when they hear from me. Well, it helps that I’m constantly laughing, and surrounded by others doing the same. I’ve always tried to remain positive in life and if I’m doing it here; I’m pretty sure I’m succeeding at it. Sure, there’s plenty of reasons for me to be unhappy, but what good does that do me? I could complain, but who wants to hear it? It is what it is. Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. I’ll get through this. Life WILL get better. I’ll keep laughing and smiling until then. It’s good for me.

PEACE (Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation)