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Letter #20 – January 6th, 2015

As I’m nearing my release date I’ve had a recurring conversation with a number of people starting with a simple question:
“SO, what are you going to do first?? What’s the list?”
Now of course there are three major things we all miss in prison: our families, our women, and real food. Those are definitely the things we miss most. But, there are SO MANY other things out there to look forward to and enjoy, from the smallest, simplest pleasures to things you never thought you’d miss (like work). Prison strips you down to a very basic life, with just enough clothes and just enough food to exist. To say that I could fit my entire life’s belongings into a couple boxes is no exaggeration.
I could write a list of things I miss that goes on forever, or pages and pages of descriptive text to the smallest detail of those things and everything about them, but how about I just put some thoughts down for you to look at and think about, so I don’t go crazy trying to create the perfect list or look crazy by describing the tiny details of life’s simple pleasures.
When my boy Wolfie emailed me the other day, asking the above quoted question, I promptly replied without thought:

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