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Teach McNeil, BMW Sponsored Stunt Extraordinaire!

Adam Frantz – New Jersey

Chris Teach McNeil started out riding in New Hampshire with Core6 and crew. They put out a few videos, all of which wore out in our dvd players – and they rode the summer nationals in Worcester every year, killing it in the tunnels. I saw teach practicing one morning with Tony D, just the two of them, early in the morning and the two of them started having a little imprompteau game of horse. I sat there for an hour or so and watched run after run of flawless 180 endos and circle wheelies in the tight tunnel of Worcester, I knew that I was watching some of the very best riding in all of our country at that moment in time. If you’ve watched Teach ride, you know what I’m talking about. Wide open throttle is his credo and the fast paced stunts he puts down are so exciting to watch. He effortlessly performs all his stunts and puts together an amazing routine thanks to his drive and determination to excel at what he does.
When I heard about the BMW S1000RR, I was excited for more than just the obvious reasons. BMW sponsoring Teach was awesome, and everyone was glad to see them working together…but taking him off the I4 motors and putting him on the F800 put a bit of a damper in his WOT riding style. Seeing him back on an inline 4 motor has brought back the very exciting element to his aggressive riding style that was sorely missed by many.

I recently had the chance to check out his 2016 S1000RR which was undergoing some modifications by Gregg’s Customs in NH – adding a double rear caliper bracket for his hand brake. I can’t wait to see Teach out there ripping it up on that bike. That much power at the rear wheel really makes for an exciting show! Check him out if he comes to your town, BMW has him travelling all over for major motorcycle events so he very well may end up in your neck of the woods. I think he just got back from Sturgis a week or so ago. Check him out at


Photos & Text by Adam Frantz

1988 GSXR Streetfighter “the Shit-bomb” by Adam Frantz

Adam Frantz, Rutgers University New Jersey


This is a rather amazing bike with a very interesting history, a history I’ve not been able to find out much about…not for lack of trying.

A few years ago I spoke to a passerby at the IMS show at the Javits Center in NYC who recognized the bike in fighter form thanks to the trick bits adorning it. He told me it was owned by Hungarians that were heavy into racing, as you can see by the parts list (attached below). Allegedly, they were caught up in some bad business, the bike began changing hands from person to person – no one recognizing what a gem it was, and it eventually came upon someone who saw it for what it was.

Gil Conde found the bike offered for the right price and saw the potential in the un-loved old race bike that had been collecting dust, luckily he knew just the guy to highlight the beauty of this GSXR. Someone who could utilize the sum of the parts to create a unified whole of mechanical art.

Roman Levin, the builder of this machine as it now sits, refers to it as “The Shit Bomb”—personified by the brown paint and iconic bomb emblazoned on the clutch cover. Whether the bike’s shaky past or a troublesome build process give it that title, we’ll never know. However, I’d have to say it’s definitely one of the most polished turds I’ve seen!

What catches my eye is that this previously unloved and hidden in the shadows bike is setup with some seriously interesting and exotic parts—60 mm Paioli Forks held by Bimota triple clamps, sitting atop Antera wheels with Brembo brakes. Yoshimura carb’s, engine internals and race-braced swinger with a WP shock. Half of the people I’ve spoken with about it haven’t even heard of the rim manufacturer, let alone the Italian fork company that created those fat fork tubes up front. It’s not just the list of premier parts that make this bike an exceptional fighter, but the fab work put into it that sets it apart as a completely built well thought-out project and not another parts list thrown at a cool bike.

Roman wanted to keep those parts on spectacle when re-building this former track beast, so with his acute attention to detail he began his work. Clipping unnecessary wires and moving lines out of sight. Hiding the rear caliper completely within the swingarm. Painstakingly creating custom carbon fiber body work by hand. Molding the alien-esque headlight to give the bike its very distinguishable face — like it or not. Chopping the exhaust to fit underneath the engine, so not to block view of another part. Adding details like the spent shell casing covers throughout the engine bay, the incredibly clean top clamp with a simple tach and 3 idiot lights. Paintwork highlighting just the right bits and complementing the body lines amazingly.

I’ve only seen this bike in person a couple times, the photoshoot and the IMS show. While the headlight struck me as weird at first, the look of the bike starts to grow on you. Eyes scanning over the lines, over these exotic and different looking parts it starts to make sense that it has this alien looking headlight. For this bike is alien! It’s like nothing anyone has or anyone builds. We become used to seeing the same things, certain brands, certain parts, certain techniques of building. To see something built like this with all of these components is completely alien to the “custom motorcycle” industry. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m praying for an alien sighting,  how ’bout it Gil?!


1988 GSX-R 750 Frame
Oil Cooled GSX-R 1100 with Yoshimura headwork
Yosh Flatslides
Paioli 60mm Front Forks
Bimota triple clamps (modded for gauges)
Brembo Brake & Clutch Resevoirs
Brembo Calipers and Rotors
Antera Wheels
Custom Braced Swingarm
Custom Rear Brake bracket – mounted inside swingarm.
Brembo rear caliper and rotor
WP Adjustable Rear Shock
Custom Subframe
Custom Carbon Fiber Kawi zx6 tail
One-Off Carbon Fiber headlight unit
Custom Carbon Fiber front Fender
Carbon Fiber overlay on tank
Custom seat
Dirtbike Pegs
636 Taillight Flushed into tail
12 ga. shotgun shell frame and motor mount bolt covers
Custom mix of Brown, Black, and FOH Special Blend Gold

-All custom work by Roman Levin, All photographs by Adam Frantz


Text & Photos by Adam Frantz

The Heritage of Big Bellys – by Adam Frantz

Adam Frantz – Nostalgia

Many of us fighterers know about the Big Belly Crew and some of the bikes they’ve messed around with or on. (Pictured below is the ZX-10 Jesse built that was featured in Streetfighter Magazine-issue 190). What most of us didn’t know however, was the long motorcycling history in the Cornell family dating back over 100 years.

This past Summer I had the opportunity to meet up with Jesse Cornell and the Big Belly Family in Springfield Massachusetts. The place of meeting was the Lyman & Merrie Wood Museum, which has quite an interesting collection of antique automotive history. This old building with rickety wide-pine wood floors and the smell of dusty machines and old oil exuded nostalgia for us all. It documented a time long since passed, amazingly, a time when this families moto-mania began! Interestingly, it was not just the 2-wheeled variation, but cars, planes, pedal-bikes and more. It was really cool to see some of the interesting ideas from way back when and the way things progressed from so long ago! One particular room is devoted almost entirely to machines manufactured by Indian,  which was the reason for our visit. Jesse had a Great-Great-Uncle, Stanley, who dealt Indian Motorcycles in the early 1900’s.

As stated in the plaque in the display, Stanley was an Indian dealer, who originally sold bicycles.  As things changed and technology progressed, he began to sell  and repair motorcycles. He sold a number of brands, including Indian, and became the main Indian dealership in New York for 25 years. As testament to the age old saying “it’s in your blood” it seems that Jesse’s wild antics were passed through the generations from Great-Great-Uncle Stanley, who used to race the old Indians quite successfully with top riders in the nation. Imagine wearing a leather helmet, if any at all, and hopping on a glorified pedal bike with a single-cylinder engine and holding the throttle wide-open for extended amounts of time! It’s one thing to do so on the amazing machines of today with their amazing technologies and rider assisting modes, but back then it must have really separated men from boys (or crazy from sane).

I’ve seen some pics from years gone by floating around of Jesse’s dad (pictured below with white beard) wrenching on his bike, Jesse running around in the front yard with a helmet on that was too big, or sitting on the gas tank with his pops. Reminds me, and I’m sure many of you, of how we grew up — bikes, boots, and over-sized sometimes sparkly helmets. For many of us motorcycling is a way of life, not just one of our hobbies, and it will be passed to the next generation from us as it was by our predecessors. To have your own families gear-head-history immortalized in a museum exhibit is not just cool, but something Jesse and family are very proud to see. Congrats guys, I’m going to go reminisce on my moto-up-bringing.


RE: EBailey Fitness on wolfcalling.

On the one hand Erin Bailey is totally correct. I not only commend her for all her hard work, I also respect her for inspiring others to get out there as well. Fitness life isn’t an easy one, it takes determination and continual hard work. However, no matter how hard we work it does not make us better than anyone else. We cannot shift the behavior of others, we can only influence our own.
Personally, I don’t even talk to girls at the gym, and I try my hardest not to look. I just focus on what I’m doing and mind my own business. I see how dudes are around girls at the gym and it IS repulsive. They don’t have saying like “men are pigs” or “men are dogs” for no reason. This is not something new. That being said, knowing how men are kinda lets you know that you could take preventative measures to not attract the particularly aggressive or less-intelligent men who are the ones who will try to talk to you while you have headphones in or in the middle of a set or yell across the street to you.
I have a friend who undoubtedly works out harder than most people I know. She is an ultra-runner, meaning doing runs up and down mountains that are longer than marathons on a more than regular basis. The training for this is intensive with a mix of running, biking and weight-lifting. When she works out, she wears black lulu lemon yoga pants that are thicker than your average girls yoga pants, and are designed for working out. She wears black tanktops and often a light looser fitting tank-top on top of that. She is not encumbered by this outfit, it doesn’t slow down her workout in the slightest and the best part is she goes slightly more unnoticed during her sessions (a touch of bitch-face doesn’t hurt either).
I personally spent a stint of time in close-confines with a lot of men against my free will (prison). Working out was my only stress reliever so I did it 6 days a week with great vigor. I was in the best shape of my life at 33, and surrounded by men who were more charged up than your average guy in the gym. Because I didn’t want to be looked at or thought of inappropriately by anyone I wore sweatpants when I worked out, especially when my legs were up during abs etc. YEAH, it was hot! Yeah I sweat through them daily. It was gross. But because I wanted to work out, I pushed though it.
To say that you need to wear these little shorts and sports bras to work out is . . . kinda bullshit. I hate to be harsh, but no one has to wear that stuff. I cant imagine going for a run in those little butt strangling shorts that girls wear these days. The thigh chafe would be unimaginable! I remember one day at the gym when I was running, minding my own business on the treadmill, lost in my mind and focused intently on the wall 50 yards away. Some young lady who was always in the gym and very fit walked by in my peripheral vision and caught my eye. I was actually irritated because she broke my concentration. As a human being who appreciates the beautiful form of a woman, it was hard not to look. I didn’t fall off the treadmill or start drooling or shouting HEY YO GIRL, but I was momentarily distracted. I got back in my head and continued on running, but I found myself thinking “I hope that girl goes and sits her sweet little butt-cheeks in a puddle of sweat on a work bench and gets MRSA on her ass…that’ll teach her”. Because if it is offensive to you that men come calling after you and trying to talk to you because of how attractive you are, it is offensive to me that you walk around flaunting all that attractiveness while I’m trying to do the ONE THING that eases my mind and stresses of everyday life. That distraction is invasive. Hot pink pants and a sports bra does NOT say “dont look at me” it draws the eye, and changes ones focus.
While I am by no means saying that Erin is incorrect that men should not be such pigs, I DO think that you can make small efforts to reduce the attention you get. If someone I worked out with wore those kinds of clothes I would insist that they change, or not workout with me. It’s not a fashion show, we’re in the gym with a purpose – to build/maintain better bodies and a healthy mind. If you’re going there to hunt for a new significant other then by all means, get out your booty shorts, your sports bra and go do squats and hip thrusts all night in the weight pit. Someone will surely offer to assist you on your form. You are not going to change all of the male species on a cellular level by complaining about it.  Get over it and put some clothes on and keep doing what you do.