Adam Fucking Frantz

Letter #15 – May 14th, 2014

I’ve received a few letters containing encouraging words to kick me in my ass and get me writing again. I KNOW, it’s been way too long. Well, I’m still here…in prison. It still sucks. Nothing new there. BUT, I am closer to being out than the last time you heard from me. Everyday I’m closer.

Prison is a weird fucking place. The wide array of people you come across creates such a spectrum of different backgrounds and areas of…expertise. Though, of course, we have our common grounds as well: Pretty much every dude in here is a greedy, selfish cheater. Different levels of course, but there is definitely some commonality there. I, of course, fall–or fell–under those categories as well. Some of us are making amends and trying to change;. Others… well, that’s what they know.
Everyone also seems to want nothing more than to be with their families, even though they could hardly make time for them prior to incarceration. ‘Never know what you’ve got until it’s gone’ type of thing. While we all sit and wait to go home to our loved ones, we just try to pass the time. Working out, group sports, reading or studying something, watching TV, or my favorite, laughing.

Inmates have an uncanny ability to light-heartedly make fun of each other, in every way possible. From your physical appearance, things you say or do, stuff they notice about you. And EVERYTHING gets noticed. Trust me 1,000+ ex-cons see what goes on around them all day. You are NOT getting away with anything. It is surprising how often we are falling on each other laughing our asses off–sober, mind you.

People have asked me many times how I stay so positive when they hear from me. Well, it helps that I’m constantly laughing, and surrounded by others doing the same. I’ve always tried to remain positive in life and if I’m doing it here; I’m pretty sure I’m succeeding at it. Sure, there’s plenty of reasons for me to be unhappy, but what good does that do me? I could complain, but who wants to hear it? It is what it is. Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. I’ll get through this. Life WILL get better. I’ll keep laughing and smiling until then. It’s good for me.

PEACE (Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation)

Letter #14 – February 22nd, 2014

Here goes…
I may be in prison and totally removed from the free world… Okay, I AM in prison and totally removed from the free world, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s going on out there in freedom-land.
I know, for instance, that the factories are all looking seriously at the Naked Sportbike market. Kawasaki’s new Z1000, Yamaha’s FZ09, the KTM 1290 SuperDuke and BMW’s S1000R are all great machines, surpassing the stripped and detuned fare we usually get. I also know that EBR is producing its own model for public consumption, free of HD, but with all of their usual outside-the-box innovation. And I hear that a naked version is in the works for that model – Thank you Erik!
I DAMN sure know that my fighter brethren and I are all having a hard time trying to find a quality motorcycle publication for gear heads of the two-wheeled variety.
Last year was hard on us all, losing Streetfighters and Street Monsters Magazines – Rest in Peace to my friend Antoine Collignon. Now I find myself searching for bike mags with actual fabrication explored in their features, which is hard, especially when looking for the sportbike variety. Where has all the good moto-porn gone?! Read the rest of this entry »

Letter #13 – January 6th, 2014

When I was in my late twenties I was, what I thought of as, very unattached. I had a lot going on in my life, between my career, my part-time job and my other “job”, so I wasn’t left with a lot of free time. Relationships weren’t really something that I wanted to squeeze into my list of activities or priorities. I had interactions with a number of nice young women but it was never anything serious…to me anyway. I was always very up-front with them so they knew I was not, nor would I be, getting into a committed relationship. I had a night or two a week at most that I could spare for dinner and perhaps some recreational activities afterward, but that was it.
I lived this way for a while and it never seemed to be the cause of many problems. I had the interaction and affection that was much needed in my very busy, sometimes stressful life. I thought that I was being super honest and open, so I couldn’t be faulted for my behavior. We would have fun together but it was very non-committal. Some were okay with it, others were not. Some thought I would change…I sure didn’t plan on it. Read the rest of this entry »

Letter #12 – July 13th, 2013 : Product of Petrol

Most of my very earliest memories involve cars or motorcycles in one form or another. I can’t say if my father intended to raise me as a gearhead or if it just occurred naturally, but the things that stick out most to me from my childhood revolve around petrol burning machinery. As just a little guy in the early 80’s I remember wearing my little cowboy boots, my sparkling gold three-quarter helmet, and my kid-size aviator sunglasses. I was so small that Pops would sit me in front of him and hold me with his legs as I leaned on the gas tank. I’m sure that’s not legal nowadays and he’d be chastised for that, but the world wasn’t so full of pussies back then. We would go for rides out in the South Dakota plains, golden wheat colored rolling hills full of rattle snakes and prairie dogs passing on either side. We’d pass pick-up trucks and dilapidated farms and blue-tongued buffalos. If I was lucky we’d stop at a big old rustic country store and dad would buy my a licorice rope and a pop. I was almost always lucky though because I think that was just part of the trip. Read the rest of this entry »

Letter #11 – July 13th, 2013 : “Fighter Fest”

Honestly, for the most part I don’t pay a lot of attention to the world’s special occasions when I’m in prison. Holidays, birthdays, week-ends, week-days…it’s all the same to me until the day I leave. BUT there are a few choice occasions I tick off on the old mental calendar…and every Summer means that it’s time for another FIGHTER FEST! Shit, there’s even a Fighter Fest UK this year that I’m missing as well. Fookin’ell!

I was present for the first four FF’s and truly this is a weekend that I miss. I tried to sit down and write about it last year, but got agitated and threw it in the trash. WAH, poor me. Read the rest of this entry »

Letter #10 – March 13th, 2013

I’ve been trying to write this for over a month now. It’s the one year anniversary of my incarceration. Yep, prison and I, over a year now. Who knew?! Does it seem like a year has passed out there since I left? Time blurs together so much I honestly don’t know how long it feels like it’s been. It’s like a never-ending, really boring, bad day.

One year, 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days or 8,760 hours! A year used to seem like an unbelievably long amount of time when I was a kid. I used to lie on top of George Hill watching the clouds go by, pondering for hours … what to do today? Read the rest of this entry »

Letter #9 – December 15th, 2012

I just watched this years Discovery Channel “Chopper Buildoff” with Both Teutles, Jr and Sr, Gas Monkey garage and Jesse James. 4 bikes, 4 teams…and saw something that was pretty mindblowing. Not only had Jesse James built a Streetfighter…aside from the engine, but Paul Sr. did as well!? What in the hell? Am I losing my mind in prison? Was this a hallucination? I think not. I didn’t see the whole show and didn’t get any specs of the bikes between the ads for the “final episode of Orange County Choppers” and “Amish Mafia” (hahaha wtf?! – side note, what is becoming of the world). But from what I saw Sr’s bike had sportbike geometry and fighter riding position. Upright bars. Short kicked out tail. Swingarm looked almost like an Aprilia’s. Girder front end with . . . 3 shocks in it (looked a little wide to me). What I’m saying is, I think either hell has frozen over or Discovery channel has recognized what’s hot in the bike world now…my guess is the latter, and they told Senior to build that. Jesse James bike looked damn nice too (had my vote). Machined swinger, nice USD’s. The forks had LED lights down the front of them in place of a headlight! His bike may have been a cross of cafe and fighter judging by the body work, BUT this says something to me.

Streetfighters are gaining ground and recognition. Now that Jesse James is in the game, there is only one thing that needs to happen. A Streetfighter build off between Jesse James, and our underdog Roman Levin of FOH Cycle Fab. They love a story of a guy coming out of his home garage and prospering. And I love the story of David vs Goliath, so lets see the “unknown” take on the world famous and cause a major upset.

C’mon Discovery Channel, make it happen. Look him up – – Roman Levin, owner, operator, fabricator, engineer, body man, painter, you name it he does it.

I put all my duckets on Roman!

AFF out!
Keep the Fight Alive

Letter #8 – December 12th, 2012

Hello aff’ers, just wanted to let everyone know that I’m no longer in beautiful Pennsylvania, I’m in transit to another facility by way of Oklahoma, think I’ll be landing in West Virginia – Morgantown in the near future, but not sure when. If you were planning on sending xmas/birthday/new years cards or letters, please hold onto them until I get to the new place. I’ll be sure to post up the address just as soon as I get it. Happy Holidays to everyone, I hope that everything is good with you and your loved ones. Keep the fight alive! -AFF

Letter #7 – October 13th, 2012 – “Jail is NOT for Germaphobes”

People used to call me a germaphobe quite regularly. It wasn’t like I wore a surgical mask and nitrile gloves everywhere I went, nor did I have a compulsion to wash my hands every five minutes. I just didn’t like to touch door handles … or handrails … or ATM machines … or ANYTHING in a public bathroom, and I was somewhat scared of airborne germs.
I’m actually the reason that restaurants have trash cans behind their bathroom doors. Why the fuck should a bathroom door be PULLED to exit?! Don’t they know how many people neglect to wash their hands? I am not touching that!
I scold my friends for absent-mindedly touching things in public, and I scold strangers for not covering their mouths when they sneeze. “Dude. Gross!” I say loudly, with my face tucked inside my shirt to avoid breathing in their airborne disgustingness.
Public bathrooms, especially at rest stops, were for pissing only. If I ever shat in a public bathroom, it was an E-MER-GEN-CY! Public showers, no thank you. I showered at the gym one time and walked, totally nude, past my also-totally-nude 8th-grade history teacher. Drove home sweaty instead, ever after. There are people in my community I really do not need to see naked.
I live in a different world now. A world without the freedom to do things your own way. A world with flesh-eating diseases that you just don’t encounter in the real world (MRSA). And in this world, this germaphobe shit just does not work. I am making some serious life adjustments here, and not because I want to.
Have you ever worn a friend’s socks or underwear, or flipped your own inside-out for another wear? Of course, we all have—less willingly for the latter, obviously. But how about wearing a stranger’s socks or underwear? How would you feel about that? Now, how about a stranger who is a convicted felon? I’m gonna go ahead and assume you’d rather not. When you come to jail, though, you don’t have that choice. You might be wearing the underwear of some heroin dealer, or a violent criminal, or even a sick-bastard pervert. Think about that at night, while you lie on your pillow … which has also been drooled on by the same unknown criminals. Fabulous, isn’t it?
My detestation for public bathrooms and showers has been overcome by my need to expel waste and clean all those damn germs off of me. That’s not to say that I do so without fear in my heart. I manage to touch as little as possible by using excessive amounts of toilet paper. I hold my breath as long as possible, and go at odd hours so I may shit by myself, instead of being surrounded by a symphony of gas expellations.
Showers are managed in a more dutiful fashion than at home of course. Staying as far away as possible from the walls and curtain, I quickly wash my hair, face, then body, taking special care not to drop the soap—because if that bar hits the floor, I don’t care how new it is, it will not be touching my body again …. YEEESSH! Washing feet is done with the utmost care, because as you slip out of your shower shoes (you didn’t honestly think this was a barefoot operation, did you?) and scrub your foot and between your toes, you have to take extra care not to lose your balance, or you’ll end up touching any one of the many scummy surfaces around you. Practice your flamingo stance, friends; you never know when it’ll come in handy.
Who knows, maybe this will be “good” for me—right? Maybe I’ll get over my germaphobia, and start smearing germs across every public surface I can find, like everyone else… Yeah. Or maybe I’ll be stocking up on nitrile gloves and doctor’s masks, and squirting hand sanitizer on EVERYTHING!
Germfully Yours,

Letter #6: September 3rd, 2012 – A Sad Day For Street Monsters

I found out today, by email, in prison, that a friend of mine passed away yesterday.  Antoine Collignon, or as many knew him – Artkore – was just 32 years old.  He was very passionate about his work AND his motorcycles.  Many a night, or morning, we spent talking online about bikes, builders, out growing businesses and our ideas.  I know that Antoine helped me develop some of my ideas and I hope I did the same.  Though we never met in person we talked extensively and I was happy to work with him on such a wall put together projects – his brain child – Street Monsters Magazine.

He struggled for a time after his first few issues, but never gave up on it and came back better than ever.  He helped create a very cool race league, the Monsters Race, which put a gang of fighters out on the track together doing what they loved AND putting eyes on the fighter scene.  That was something we constantly talked about – growing the scene.  Both of us love fighters so much we were consumed and determined to spread the love.  I am compelled to continue doing so, and I hope the SM staff is as well.  I am literally bound here in the US prison system or I would be on a plane tomorrow.  I had planned to actually be in Europe this year to visit Antoine and others and now I’ve lost my chance.

I pray that his passing was without suffering.  I pray that his loved ones stay strong and remember him by all the great things he’s done.  I hope his legacy is carried on with Street Monsters Magazine.  As I said, I am bound here now and don’t have normal computer access, but if there is anything I can do for SM or Antoine’s family, do not hesitate to contact me.  Truly this was a sad day, and not one I’ll soon forget.

May he ride on forever on the bike of his dreams through the canyons of the gods with our fellow fighterers passed.

Rest in Peace my friend.  At another time, in another place we’ll ride again.

My sincerest condolences to his family and friends.  We’ll all hold our front wheels high for you, brother.


Adam Fucking Frantz

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